Flirty in Tangerine

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Alexis Monis Silk Dress in Red/Orange has a flirty skirt that’s perfect to twirl in (something that is seriously important when you have a 2 year old little diva on your glam squad lol)

Aquazzura Matilde pump in orange. Purchased from Berfdorf Goodman in NYC. Other colors available Here and Here

CHANEL Medium Filigree bag in beige. I was late to the game on this one and had to do a massive search. It was already sold out nationwide at CHANEL, NM and Bergdorf, but this is why it’s good to have loyal relationships at multiple stores. I live in NJ and I have a shopper I use at Saks, in Boston. She searched Saks and found me the last one! I was so excited, and thankful.