Haute Off the Press


From Hollywood Blvd to Rodeo Drive Baby!

To kick off this Halloween season, I am sharing my Broadway inspired looks from this year’s smash hit, Pretty Woman the Musical. Directed by Jerry Mitchell with music by the incredible Bryan Adams and his longtime song writing partner, Jim Vallance, Pretty Woman premiered on Broadway at Nederlander Theatre on August 16th of this year… Read more

Couture Your Halloween – Maven Style

I have always been accused of having a rather over active imagination, therefore, it’s no surprise really, that my favorite holiday/time of year has always been Halloween. The excuse to dress up like somebody else, anybody else, has always been an opportunity that I have relished taking advantage of! Devoid of any talents in the… Read more

Birthday Girl

I always thought as I closed in on 40, I would be distraught and inconsolable. After all, it’s all over after 30 right? Haha, not quite. Thirty may really be the new 20, and 40 the new 30, so I’m not nearly as upset as I was when I turned 25. That was definitely more… Read more