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My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Lifestyle changes can be difficult, especially so when they go against societal norms. It’s important, however, to remind ourselves of the reasons for which we make those changes, and attempt to not allow the criticisms of others to deter us in our growth or impede our goals. This is something I have struggled with quite… Read more

A Queen in da Nile!

As a child I had an insane obsession for all things Egyptian. Something about the grandeur of their ancient civilization and all they built captivated me beyond compare. One figure in particular, from that incredible history, always fascinated me more than any other; Egypt’s last pharaoh, the final member of Egypt’s last dynasty (Ptolemaic), Cleopatra… Read more

From Hollywood Blvd to Rodeo Drive Baby!

To kick off this Halloween season, I am sharing my Broadway inspired looks from this year’s smash hit, Pretty Woman the Musical. Directed by Jerry Mitchell with music by the incredible Bryan Adams and his longtime song writing partner, Jim Vallance, Pretty Woman premiered on Broadway at Nederlander Theatre on August 16th of this year… Read more