Sunfilled Sundays

Soaking up the sun at home yesterday and today! After a week at work setting up my new office and working on my new website for THM Social, I decided to hit the pause button for some summer sun. 

Now, I cannot stress enough how important it is to use sunblock, especially on your face. I get tons of DMs every time I post selfies and makeup shots regarding my skin… “what’s your secret?”, “how is your skin that flawless?” In reality, nothing is ever flawless, and neither is my skin.

First things first, I am not keeping any crazy secrets. My skincare routine is very simple and not a mystery at all. I have posted a complete rundown on my IGTV outlining my routine. The biggest “secret” I have, however, is that I always use sunblock on my face! ALWAYS! It’s not always enough, but it certainly helps combat the harmful effects of the sun, and stave of aging. 

Regardless of my years of using sunblock, I am actually extremely prone to freckling and melasma. The freckles have always come out in the summer starting way back when I was a kid, but the melasma started when I was pregnant with my daughter, Sadie Snow in 2014. Even with the sunblock, I still ended up with a lot of discoloration. I ended up getting laser treatments that took the spots away completely. That was now 4 years ago, and I’m seriously due for another round, but it’s best to do them when you have a decent amount of downtime, and certainly NOT in the summer months. 

My go to sunscreen for my face is La Mer SPF 50, and when I have makeup on, the La Mer is always a base, and I reapply screen every 45 min with Peter Thomas Roth Powder SPF

Remember, even when you aren’t laying out, even when it’s cloudy, always wear some form of sunblock on your face to keep your skin protected and combat those signs of aging!