Summer Skin

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the sun. In my teen years, I avoided it like the plague, as I cringe to admit, as part of some gothic, melodramatic phase I was going through. It was sunscreen, black clothing, and dark corners. However, happily that rather angsty, vampish phase saved my skin years of sun damage that I have seen evident on so many of my peers. While many of them spent years in the Jersey Shore sun, I was quietly sidestepping getting tan, and by doing so preserving my skin and maintaining my youth. 

I would love to say I matured straight into the sun conscious self I am now, but unfortunately, my vain side finally prevailed. While sunning myself outright was never high on my list, I did start to prefer a healthier glow. I was bright enough to use sunscreen.. but I spent a couple years (27-29) getting bronzed here and there on various vacations abroad. Thankfully, I never quite did too much damage. Not until I was pregnant with my daughter and the melasma decided to show up, did I really notice much of a change. 

For any of you not familiar with it, melasma is: a condition in which brown patches appear on the face; can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or from sun exposure. Mine was a combo, and didn’t fade after giving birth. It didn’t help that I had slight freckling that would emerge in my younger years whenever I was in the sun. These all darkened during my second pregnancy and would not fade away after. 

I inevitably sought help from my doctor, who treated me with a couple laser treatments and voila, no more dark spots. From that moment on, it’s been sunscreen, and reapplication every 45 mins while in the sun. Even when not in the sun, I always wear SPF in my face. I don’t leave the house without SPF in my face. It’s just part of my everyday skincare routine. 

Now as you can see from many of my beach posts, I wear makeup to the beach most of the time. Therefore, I have had to find SPFs that I can apply without disturbing my makeup. I was using a setting spray with an SPF, however it would leave me looking oily by the end of the day. Thankfully, Dr. Mira Kaga recommenced this: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45. It is a brush on powder with a retractable brush!!!!! It’s simply amazing! I still use spray on SPF 50 on my body, but it’s usually whatever I have also grabbed for the kids. 

I also apply a base SPF from La Mer and a cream from Obagi with a lower SPF before applying my makeup. If I’m not putting on makeup I use a tinted moisturizer I picked up from my friends at Bronzed Couture called Gilded Glam. 

I try to be extremely consistent with my skincare. I plan to post a video detailing my everyday skincare routine soon, but for now, my best advice, is protect your skin from the sun. I’m not going to say avoid it, but use sunblock and always use SPF in your face. Even on cloudy days! There is only so much those lasers can do. The rest is up to us, and with the environmental issues we are faced with today, it’s only going to get worse for our skin out there!