Backpacks for Fall? Groundbreaking! (and what about those fanny packs?)

No, but seriously, backpacks are a must this fall! Thanks to top designers like Gucci, Chanel, and ChloƩ, backpacks are a staple fashion accessory that go beyond the back to school rush.

As handbag obsessed as I happen to be, I tend to use bags that function well for me, far more often than those that do not. Not a shocker, I’m sure, but the bags that function best for me, tend to be those that I can carry handsfree. With two small children, a home, and now a business to run, I’m almost always doing more than one thing at a time. My go to bags tend to usually be those that I can throw on cross-body. So the whole backpack thing is well, AMAZING for me.

However, even more amazing to me, is the superb reintroduction and elevation if the belt bag/fanny pack. We can thank Signore Michele over at Gucci for this.

Who else, but the most creative creature to grace fashion in recent years, could have turned this into such a fun, hot trend. I was excited when the leathers were introduced. I spent days trying to decide between red and black (I went with the red). Then, came the velvets. Full on swoon (my romantic nature has a hard time saying no to anything velvet, embroidered or lace. I blame my deep fascination with 18th and 19th century literature and fashion for that).

Now we have other designers picking up on the trend. Zimmerman just featured fanny packs in their SS18 runway show. Looks like the hands free accessory revolution might be sticking around for a little bit. This, I am totally ok with!