Retro Summer in LMF

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am no where near comfortable in a bikini. I can’t even blame the aftermath of pregnancy for my discomfort (although it certainly didn’t help any). Truth be told, I have never truly been comfortable in a two piece, and the tankini trend never appealed to me much either.

Now a one piece, I’ll take any day. Especially the off the shoulder and one shoulder pieces I have posted so frequently from Lisa Marie Fernandez. So when I decided to try the Summer ’17 high waisted retro bikini trend, I went to the only swimsuit brand I have felt completely at ease and sexy in, LMF!

I guess you can just call me an #LMFGirlOnHoliday all year round. This summer, however, I took on the high waisted two piece trend and I have to say, I am sold! Not only did I feel comfortable with myself while wearing it, but it felt comfortable on as well! Usually when I try two pieces I end up constantly self conscious about how low the bottom is, or about how much it’s cutting into the fleshy area around my hips. This style rid me of both those issues.

On top of just living how it felt to be at ease with myself in a two piece (three piece actually, the jacket is actually separate), with my hat thrown on, I felt like I was straight out of a Fellini film circa 1965 (thanks to Marc for the compliment), and who wouldn’t love to have been a part of one of those iconic masterpieces!?

So for any of you who are wondering, the NEW POPPY HIGH-WAIST BIKINI TWIN-SET bikini paired with the matching cardigan from LMF can be found on her website HERE or in Black HERE.

Hat is custom embroidered by Hats by Olivia! It’s the Custom Positano Wide Brim Boater and can be ordered HERE. Happy July 4th Weekend Everyone!!!