Super Haute Colorist / Stylist

Finding the right hair colorist/stylist is extremely important. Like all artistic professions, you have true artists, and those “others” that just don’t quite live up to the same expectations those artists have set. As some of you may already know from my previous post on hair, I was left somewhat devastated by the lack of integrity of one of those “others”.

After my little tragedy, I was very apprehensive about anyone touching my hair (not that I had much left in the beginning). At first I went into Manhattan in an attempt to save my badly damaged hair. It was there that I received the news that my only option was to cut everything off. From that point on, unwilling to drive into the city every time I needed color or a trim (which is often when training a pixie into a longer style), I began auditioning new colorists and stylists. I found a few that were very nice and made my hair look fairly decent, but none that really had the same vision I did. So I continued searching.

About six months into my whole debaucle, I called Industry Salon in Red Bank, in desperate need of a quick wash and style on a Saturday when one of the women I had been using was off. I thank God daily now for that!

That day I met my colorist/stylist and friend, Giana Martino. She proceeded to walk me through a complete transformation. She was able to style the little hair I had into a style I could feel confident in. Better yet, she was honest about what she felt my hair could achieve in what time frame would be the safest for the integrity of my hair. We attempted to lighten my hair to blond, and accomplished the color I had sought originally with none of the damage I had experienced before. Fortunately though, I quickly decided that I didn’t want to maintain blond, I wanted to feel like myself, and the only way I did was as a brunette. So Giana brought me back to brown, but with gorgeous artistically done highlights throughout my hair, giving it depth and shine!

Fast forward six more months and I had long enough hair where Giana could add Dreamcatchers extensions to give me an even longer look. Six more months and Giana was able to add 4 more inches with the extensions.

Without the right colorist it’s impossible to keep your hair healthy throughout any color process. There is so much involved, and your colorist has to be properly trained from the onset. Furthermore, you should look for one who maintains their education frequently, keeping on top of new products and techniques. Same goes for stylist. Continued education, as Giana has explained to me, is important in making a Master Colorist and┬áStylist!

So, when looking for a Colorist make sure:

1. They have been trained by a reputable school

2. They are licensed properly

3. They have years of experience

4. They have a portfolio of work that you can access and see clearly

5. They give you accurate information on what to expect from your hair (remember all hair is different, and dark, thick hair like mine will not go blond easily and quickly)

6. They keep up with their education.

7. Make sure you give them a clear idea of what you are looking to achieve.

In short, be mindful, and look for people who you can work with easily and are honest and skilled. And thank you to my super haute colorist/stylist, Giana Martino, owner of Industry Salon in Red Bank, NJ.

If you’re in Monmouth County and in need of color/style services, or you are getting married or gave a special event that you need styled on location (trials also available),┬ácontact Giana or any member of the Industry Salon team at (732) 530-5000.