Beauty Spotlight – FIG+YARROW Clay Mask {Black}

As spring is now in full swing, I find my skin reacting in frustrating ways. Between the warming temperatures and the increase in pollen, my pores are in DISTRESS. If my allergies weren’t enough to make me hide indoors away from the pollen heavy air, it seems break outs are to be a daily occurrence now. Pollen and moisture are mercilessly clogging my pores left and right, and with the added stress of my addiction to makeup, I have been in serious need of a remedy for my poor pore clogged skin.

After doing some research into the activated charcoal trend, I decided to give it a try. I decided on the FIG+YARROW Clay Mask {BLACK}. Having the ingredient I was looking for, activated charcoal, I decided it was the best choice. Plus this particular mask was recommended for “challenged and oil-prone” skin, which at this time of year, my skin was definitely challenging.

A little insight into activated charcoal as it applies to this beauty application; charcoal has the ability, when applied to the skin to latch onto impurities and the evil particles that cause pores to clog and draws them out. This was exactly what I needed. I needed to free my skin of all the junk that had invaded and shrink my pores down to a less visible size. This would not only help the makeup residue that was sometimes left behind, but it would make the makeup applied look smoother.

This mask comes in powder form. You only need a very small amount. I ended up using extra because it was my first attempt, but I had a lot left over. You just mix the powder with a little water (they have other substances listed that work as well, but water seemed like the option best for me), and then apply it directly to freshly cleansed and steamed skin. They recommend an herbal steam prior to application. I left the mask on till it was completely dry and then removed it with a soft washcloth and warm water, followed by a light cleanser and then my regular nighttime beauty regime.

The verdict: Slam Dunk! It worked! My pores were barely visible after this mask came off. I used a light cleanser and exfoliater in conjunction with the mask and the results were just what I was looking for. It even shrunk down an existing menace of a blemish that I had been battling for over a week!