Birthday Pictures with my Little Prince

All mothers say it, but it’s no less true for any one of them, and certainly not for me either, “why does it go by so fast!?” It’s been 4 beautiful years with my little boy. He has shown me such unending love, that I sometimes think I am dreaming. He has challenged everything I thought I would be as a parent (apparently I will negotiate and bribe my child, lol). He has even helped me refine my style, and learn so much more about styling children.

When he was born, AJ, as you can all imagine, became my world, and gave me a wonderful outlet for my styling creativity. I was obsessed with clothing him stylishly and determined to avoid those baggy, sloppy, horribly mismatched nightmares I saw on so many other babies. But, look, I get it, designer clothing on an infant is insane! I agree, and always will! While I think it can be cute on the rare special occasions; spending that sort of money on an outfit that they will invariably poop or throw up on, is simply wasteful.

So enter my immediate conundrum when I started shopping for my little mini model. Where do you find well made, well fitting clothing for infants and toddlers, that won’t break the bank? My first go to, Zara! Just like for women, they excel on affordable, well designed clothing for kids! My biggest problem, baggy boy clothing, was solved with Zara. Their skinny boy denim was perfect, and all their pants have adjustable waistlines (which came in handy when AJ was still chunky). JCrew, also offered a great source for tees, and blazers. Adidas, Akid brand (especially their partnering with Mara&Mine), and Converse all became staple shoe brands in his closet. Also, however, Instagram helped me find kid brands, that otherwise I would have been blind too. Beau Hudson, for one, out of Australia, is an amazing brand for ribbed cardigans and beanie hats. And so many other little treasure troves, that I will share going forward were revealed using my favorite social media app!!!

Shop our looks below!

AJ –
Blazer: J Crew
Denim: Zara
Tee: J Crew
Sneakers: Adidas
Necklace: Poor Cat Designs

Maria –
Lace Detailed Top: Available from direct Marissa Webb or in ivory Here
Faux Leather Leggings: Spanx
Suede booties: Gianvito Rossi direct or in cognac Here