Make Those Boots Stand Tall

I don’t know about you, but I hate looking at a messy closet! It makes finding what to wear incredibly chaotic! But even in the most organized closets, things can still look thrown about, especially those super thigh high boots we all love!

I try to keep my closet as neat and up to date as possible. I weed out unused or out of date articles quarterly. I sell items that I no longer find I wear. However, boots I tend to hoard. I love boots in the fall and winter, and even occasionally in the spring. I found a few years back that the worst part of my closet was that bottom row of my shoe wall, where I was storing those much loved boots! They were falling over on their sides, crumpled up into little heaps in many cases. So I search for a solution . . .

My solution . . . I NOODLED them! And no I don’t mean I played with them, lol. I actually put noodles in them. Pool noodles that is. They were a perfect solution and worked wonderfully! They are thin enough to put into the boots because they are thinner than your calves, and they can be cut to any length.

It was so simple and brainless. I bought a bulk of 12 pool noodles off Amazon Prime. The next day I ran them up to my closet with a pair of kitchen scissors and I measured each boot shaft against the noodles to make sure each was perfectly fit. Now for thigh high boots, making them stand to maximum height wasn’t an option, as my shelves, and I assume many of your shelves, aren’t that high. So I measured the noodles just high enough to make the boots stand to the top of the shelf above them, folding the excess over to the right side. But not only my thigh highs received this treatment. I went to town and straightened up every boot in my closet. Even my not so thigh high boots stood tall now! And they all looked neat and perfect.

It seems sometimes all you need is a simple DIY solution to make everything perfect!