Jet Setting: Packing Fashionably

Packing for any trip, whether it’s a 3 day weekend getaway or a 10 day vacation, can be a stressful situation if not managed correctly. I know in the past I have been inclined to just throw a bunch of things in my suitcase and go, but I’ve found time after time, it just never works out well in the end! I would end up at my destination, fretfully throwing clothes around with “nothing to wear” regardless of the billion pieces of clothing I had packed.

So in my old age (I’m only 34, but I feel ancient), I’ve come to learn that taking time to pack correctly can save a ton of stress and make for an immensely smooth and enjoyable vacation, especially if you are also packing for little ones! First things first, if you are planning to buy an outfit or statement piece from an online reseller, make sure you buy with enough time to try it on and exchange it, if it doesn’t fit. The worst thing you can do (sometimes a very depressing thing) can be to pack a bunch of new clothes only to find they don’t fit. Therefore of it’s a spur of the moment trip, go shopping in the flesh, or make due with what’s in your closet!

Now once you have all the pieces you think you want to take, start putting everything together into outfits. I’m talking everything down to shoes, handbags and accessories (sunnies, jewelry, undergarments,etc,)! Lay it all out! Good rule, if you’re going someplace ultra casual and you don’t mind wearing your daytime outfit out at night, plan an extra three outfits past the number of days you will be away. If you are like me, and you like to have your daytime outfit, nighttime outfit, and possible party outfits, plan two outfits per day (1 daytime, 1 nighttime), plus 2 extra day and 2 extra night outfits past the number of days you plan to be away. This will give you a good amount of options each day and make everything much easier when getting ready to leave your hotel for the day.

Next thing to do, try all those outfits on before you put them in that suitcase, with the right undergarments! This way if you are on the borderline about something, or something doesn’t quite fit how you remember it, you can adjust and pack something that you are happy with. Always try everything on at home! Save your significant other the drama of a massive try on session while you are away. It dampens the mood and wastes valuable time (remember you are paying to be in that fabulous place). If you are the type that may forget what goes with what, take a picture of it during the try on session and save it in an album on your phone.

Once you have everything squared away, all your day and night time outfits and all their trimmings, start packing. Be smart about it though. Keep things neat, and try to avoid wrinkling things too much. As for my own preference, I like to pack tops, dresses and jackets on the hanger. Makes for a much easier unpack once I arrive at my destination, however it can lead to extra weight in your suitcase. When this is a problem I fold outfits together and wrap them in a sheet of tissue paper. It’s like opening up a shopping bag from a boutique with your personalized outfits already laid out. Plus it can help with unpleasant snags on delicate materials from zippers. If you have specific jewelry pieces for each outfit put them into their jewelry bags and wrap with the outfit. If you don’t have bags, ziplock bags are an amazing packing supply! I actually pack my kids’ entire outfits into gallon ziplocks right down to their underwear! Makes things super easy and space efficient if you squeeze all the air out. Also, and this can turn out to be a *REAL LIFESAVER*, take one of those day time outfits, as well as something to sleep in, and pack it in your carry-on! Luggage can always go missing, and it’s always good to have a fall back on hand.

Once you have your clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories packed, move onto make-up and toiletries. My only advice here, have travel size of everything important to you and pack it in your carry on. Again, this can be a lifesaver in those sad instances where airlines lose your luggage. At least if they lose all those carefully planned outfits, you can clean yourself up, glam yourself up and change your clothes. Will make the loss a tad easier to bear knowing you aren’t wallowing in the same clothes and underwear 🙁 for two days!

Hope this helps all of you jet setting fashionistas! Happy & Safe travels from the beach in Turks and Caicos!